[2022/12/11] I gave a talk at AGU2022 in Chicago.
[2022/10/13] I gave an invited talk in the session “T105. Dynamics of Earth’s Climate System and Biogeochemical Cycles in Deep Time” at GSA2022 in Denver, Colorado.
[2022/10/9-12] I chaired a session titled “T75. Advances in Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements and Utility as Proxies in Modern and Paleo-Settings” at GSA2022 in Denver, Colorado.
[2022/04/16] I attended the Northeastern Geobiology Symposium at MIT and presented my most recent work on carbonate factory.
[2022/01/04] I started Agouron Geobiology Fellowship at Yale.


[2021/11/08] I was invited to give a talk at Montclair State University, NJ.
[2021/10/13] Attended GSA2021 and gave a talk in Andy Knoll’s honorary session. First in-person conference in almost 2 years. Great to see many colleagues and good friends.
[2021/06/01] Won Northwestern 2021 Sloss award.
[2021/04/28] Gave a talk at the carbonate proxy symposium of the UC Riverside.
[2021/04/07] Gave a talk at the Yale departmental postdoc seminar. Received lots of good feedbacks on how to give a job talk. Grateful!
[2021/03/09] Collected first batch of publication-quality Si isotope data. Excited!
[2021/02/25] Fired some laser.
[2021/01/04] I joined Yale as a postdoc researcher.


[2020/12/08]- Successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation. Will be moving back to the east coast. A la prochaine, Chicago!
[2020/11/20]- Interviewed by Northwestern on climate change and our most recent paper. [News]

[2020/10/29]- Gave a talk entitled “Calcium isotope variability across ancient candidate ocean acidification events” at GSA2020. Chaired the same session.
[2020/10/23]- Our study, “Stable Ca and Sr isotopes support volcanically-triggered biocalcification crisis during Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a”, is now published in Geology. [Paper]

[2020/09/08]- My paper with Mike, “The diagenetic origin and depositional history of the Cherry Valley Member, Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation”, is now published. [Paper]
[2020/07/15]- Our paper “Tectonic control of Guadalupian-Lopingian cherts in northwestern Sichuan Basin, South China” got accepted. [Paper]
[2020/06/22]- I will convene a session in GSA2020 (Virtual) with Drs. Ben Linzmeier, Adam Denny, and Huan Cui. Please consider submitting an abstract to our session: T105. Assessing the Fidelity of Geochemical Signals in Deep Time: Primary, Authigenic, and Diagenetic Signals in Proxy Data.
[2020/06/15]- I gave a talk at Goldschmidt2020 (Virtual) and discussed our new findings of volcanically-triggered biocalcification crisis signals across OAE1a at Resolution Guyot, mid-Pacific.
[2020/05/29]- Want to better extract pore information from well logs? Check out our new evaluation on how mineralogy and diagenesis affect pore structures based on well-log information. [Paper]
[2020/03/21]- LIP eruption could produce dolomite? Check out new paper about dolomitization induced by the Emeishan Large Igneous Province. [Paper]
[2020/01/09]- Earth was stressed before dinosaur died? Check out new paper about changes of carbonate chemistry before and during end-Cretaceous mass extinction. [Paper]


[2019/12/30]- My finding on “trapped microorganisms within fluid-inclusions” got accepted. Stay tuned for the paper!
[2019/09/20]- What perturbed the Calcium cycle during the biggest mass extinction? Check out new paper about Ca and Sr cycle during Permian-Triassic mass extinction. [Paper]