“I analyze rocks, build models, and glimpse history from them.”

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Lidya Tarhan at Yale University, where I also work closely with Prof. Noah Planavsky and other great researchers. I finished my Ph.D. at Northwestern University, co-advised by Brad Sageman, Andy Jacobson, and Matt Hurtgen. My research has been broadly in the areas of biogeochemistry and sedimentary geochemistry, with particular focus on causes of biotic turnovers, weathering feedbacks on pCO2, and stable isotope applications on palaeoclimatology and paleoceanography. I am also interested in energy sciences and education.

I completed a M.S. degree from Penn State University, where I was advised by Mike Arthur, and a B.E. degree from China University of Petroleum.

Upcoming talks

2021/11/08 I am invited to give a talk at Montclair State University, NJ.


2021/10/13 Attended GSA2021 and gave a talk in Andy Knoll's honorary session. First in-person conference in almost 2 years. Nice seeing many colleagues and good friends.
2021/06/01 Won Northwestern 2021 Sloss award.
2021/04/28 Gave a talk at the carbonate proxy symposium of the UC Riverside.
2021/04/07 Gave a talk at the departmental postdoc seminar. Received lots of good feedbacks on how to give a job talk. Grateful!
2021/03/09 Collected first batch of publication-quality Si isotope data. Excited!
2021/02/25 Fired some laser. Biu biu~
2021/01/04 I joined Yale as a postdoc researcher.
2020/12/08- Successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation. Will be moving back to the east coast. A la prochaine, Chicago!
2020/11/20- Interviewed by Northwestern on climate change and our most recent paper. [News]
2020/10/29- Gave a talk entitled "Calcium isotope variability across ancient candidate ocean acidification events" at GSA2020. Chaired the same session.
2020/10/23- Our study, "Stable Ca and Sr isotopes support volcanically-triggered biocalcification crisis during Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a", is now published in Geology. [Paper]
2020/09/08- My paper with Mike, "The diagenetic origin and depositional history of the Cherry Valley Member, Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation", is now published. [Paper]
2020/07/15- Our paper "Tectonic control of Guadalupian-Lopingian cherts in northwestern Sichuan Basin, South China" got accepted. [Paper]
2020/06/22- I will convene a session in GSA2020 (Virtual) with Drs. Ben Linzmeier, Adam Denny, and Huan Cui. Please consider submitting an abstract to our session: T105. Assessing the Fidelity of Geochemical Signals in Deep Time: Primary, Authigenic, and Diagenetic Signals in Proxy Data.
2020/06/15- I gave a talk at Goldschmidt2020 (Virtual) and discussed our new findings of volcanically-triggered biocalcification crisis signals across OAE1a at Resolution Guyot, mid-Pacific.
2020/05/29- Want to better extract pore information from well logs? Check out our new evaluation on how mineralogy and diagenesis affect pore structures based on well-log information. [Paper]
2020/03/21- LIP eruption could produce dolomite? Check out new paper about dolomitization induced by the Emeishan Large Igneous Province. [Paper]
2020/01/09- Earth was stressed before dinosaur died? Check out new paper about changes of carbonate chemistry before and during end-Cretaceous mass extinction. [Paper]
2019/12/30- My finding on "trapped microorganisms within fluid-inclusions" got accepted. Stay tuned for the paper!
2019/09/20- What perturbed the Calcium cycle during the biggest mass extinction? Check out new paper about Ca and Sr cycle during Permian-Triassic mass extinction. [Paper]

I am fond of new technologies, so I keep learning new stuff (e.g., new technical stacks, programming languages) and occasionally write notes about them. I travel around the world and sometimes take photos.