“I analyze rocks, build models, and glimpse history from them.”

I am currently an Agouron geobiology fellow with Prof. Lidya Tarhan at Yale University, where I also work closely with Prof. Noah Planavsky and other great researchers. My research has been broadly in the areas of sedimentary geochemistry and geobiology, with particular focus on the coevolution of life and environment, climate and its feedbacks on seawater chemistry, as well as behaviors of selected isotope systems. I am also interested in energy sciences and education.

I finished my Ph.D. at Northwestern University, co-advised by Brad Sageman, Andy Jacobson, and Matt Hurtgen. I hold a M.S. degree from Penn State University under Mike Arthur, and a B.E. degree from China University of Petroleum.

Upcoming talks

[2023/10/15-18] I will be convening a topical session at GSA2023 "T91. Advances in Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements and Utility as Proxies in Modern and Paleo-Settings." Hope to see you in Pittsburgh!
[2023/10/16] I will be giving a talk at GSA2023.


[2023/05] I gave a series of invited talks in China. Great seeing all good friends and colleagues after such a long time!
[2023/04/10] I gave an invited talk for University of Miami. Thanks for the hospitality and all good comments.

I am fond of new technologies, so I keep learning new stuff (e.g., new technical stacks, programming languages) and occasionally write notes about them. I travel around the world and sometimes take photos.